I UK [ˈbæləns] / US noun
Word forms "balance":
singular balance plural balances
a) [uncountable] the ability to remain steady in an upright position

An ear infection is affecting his balance.

b) a position in which your body remains steady and upright
lose your balance:

He lost his balance and tipped backwards in the chair.

keep your balance:

She grabbed at him to keep her balance.

a) [countable/uncountable] a situation in which different aspects or features are treated equally or exist in the correct relationship to each other
balance between:

It can be hard to find the right balance between advising your children and controlling them.

balance of:

A healthy diet is about getting the correct balance of a variety of foods.

strike a balance (= achieve a good balance):

We're trying to strike a balance between fun and learning.

upset/alter the balance:

These creatures have upset the delicate ecological balance in the lake.

b) [singular] a force, influence, or idea that is completely different from another but combines well with it
balance to:

His conservatism is the perfect balance to her outgoing personality.


Verbs frequently used with balance as the object ▪  achieve, alter, find, keep, maintain, preserve, redress, strike, upset
a) [countable] the amount of money you have in your bank account

The current balance in your account is £1,182.

b) [singular] the amount of money that you owe after paying part of the cost of something

You pay a deposit now and the balance in 12 months.

4) [singular] the majority of information, opinions, or facts

The balance of public opinion was against the proposal.

tilt/shift the balance:

The balance has shifted in favour of the president.

tip II
5) [singular] the amount of something that remains after part has been used
balance of:

You can use the balance of the time to finish the assignment.

6) [uncountable] mental or emotional calm

She quickly recovered her balance after the outburst.

7) [countable] a piece of equipment used for weighing things, consisting of a bar with a small dish at each end

be/hang in the balance — if something is in the balance, you do not know whether it will succeed or fail

Jack's career is hanging in the balance while they consider what to do.

II UK [ˈbæləns] / US verb
Word forms "balance":
present tense I/you/we/they balance he/she/it balances present participle balancing past tense balanced past participle balanced
1) [intransitive/transitive] to keep your body steady without falling over
a) [transitive] to put something somewhere carefully so that it is steady and does not fall

We all sat with plates balanced on our knees.

b) [intransitive] to be steady in a position where it is possible to fall

Jean went out, the tray balancing precariously in one hand.

2) [transitive] to create or preserve a good or correct balance between different features or aspects

We have to balance the needs and tastes of all our customers.

balance something with/against something:

There is a need to balance the demands of the workplace with those of family life.

Development has to be balanced against environmental concerns.

3) balance or balance something out
[transitive] to reduce the effect, strength, or amount of something, and as a result make it better

The dark colours are balanced by the brightness of the walls.

balance the budget/books — to spend no more money than you receive; to do calculations to check or show that you have not spent more money than you have received

I've been up all night trying to balance the books.

Phrasal verbs:

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